With an outlook into the future, the PLA General Hospital took the lead to install the first da Vinci S Surgical System in Mainland China in 2006. Since then, the surgical team of the PLA General Hospital has started the cutting-edge techniques of minimally invasive robotic surgery in China.

The team had gone through tremendous trial investigations and hard work before they finally succeed in using da Vinci Surgical Systems in China. After working persistently with da Vinci Surgical Systems for 7 years, the robotic cardiac surgical team at the PLA General Hospital now can perform the whole range of closed-chest heart procedures designed for the System. The surgeons of the team created new surgical techniques and standards, and completed the most types of robotic cardiac surgery on the globe. So far, the team has performed over 700 cases all of which were successful.

A View of Robotic Cardiac Surgery

The team is eager to share their experience with other colleagues around the world. Robotic Cardiac Surgery, the recently published book edited by Changqing Gao, MD, a professor at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of the PLA General Hospital and Member of French National Academy of Surgery, is highly commented and recommended by Prof. Lawrence H. Cohn at Harvard Medical School as “a comprehensive academic compilation of experience with robotic surgery in all phases of cardiac surgery…and will be a landmark in presenting large clinical series of conventional operations treated by robotic technology”.

Robotic Cardiac Surgery was published in 2013

We also established the International Training Center for da Vinci Surgery in Beijing China. The center has provided training programs for groups of cardiac surgical professionals from other countries and regions like Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Advances in robotic heart surgery in China have exerted far-reaching impacts in Asia and even around the world.


With the increasing maturity of robotic surgical techniques at the PLA General Hospital and the eagerness to share our experience with the colleagues from all over the world, Beijing International Symposium and Workshop on Robotic Cardiac Surgery (BISROCS), a biennial international conference highlighting robotic live surgeries and keynote lectures on multi-specialties was promoted and initiated by the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of the PLA General Hospital in Beijing China in 2008.

Since the birth of the event in 2008, BISROCS has attracted a wide attention from international academic community and gained support and co-sponsorships from several major international academic institutions and societies such as the International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery (ISMICS), Society of Robotic Surgery (SRS), Asian Society of Robotic Surgery (ASRS), former Minimally Invasive Robotic Association (MIRA), etc.

On 27-28 June 2008, The 1st Beijing International Symposium and Workshop on Robotic Cardiac Surgery (BISROCS 2008) was successfully held, which was also the first conference on minimally invasive & robotic cardiac surgery in China. More than 200 experts from USA, France, India, Japan, Korea, Serbia, Hong Kong, and Mainland China witnessed the significant event.

The 2nd Beijing International Symposium and Workshop on Robotic Cardiac Surgery (BISROCS 2010) held on 2-3 July 2010 was also a big success. The conference attracted international renowned experts from nearly 20 countries and regions including USA, France, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Taipei and about 300 specialists from mainland China by world class keynote lectures and 4 robotic cardiac live surgeries.

Since 2012, The 3rd Beijing International Symposium and Workshop on Robotic Cardiac Surgery (BISROCS 2012) has brought the event to a broader platform by extending the theme from cardiac surgery to multi-disciplines mainly including thoracic surgery, general surgery, gynaecology, hepatology, urology, surgical oncology, etc. 4 robotic live surgeries on cardiac surgery and 6 robotic live surgeries on multiple disciplines have all been successfully performed, which has attracted more than 400 participants from all over the world.


BISROCS 2014 will take place on 20-22 June 2014 in Beijing, China. Due to the significant expansion of our conference scale which now includes cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery, urology and gynaecology, general surgery, hepatology, surgical oncology, etc, the conference name has been modified from BISROCS to BISROS (Beijing International Symposium and Workshop on Robotic Surgery).


Besides being the acronym for Beijing International Symposium and Workshop on Robotic Surgery — we hope BISROS also embodies some other meanings associated with our important work here during the conference and with the work we will continue to do when we go back to our respective cities and countries.

BI — stands for two things here: "Biennial" and "Beijing International", indicating that "This international meeting takes place in Beijing every two years”.

Ros — makes us think of Rock and Roll.

One of the earliest meanings in the English language for "rock and roll" is "to shake up, or to disturb". It is quite proper to describe the disruptive technology — robotic surgery for it is changing the way we perform surgery, the way we interact with our teams and the way we utilize virtuality to modify reality.

Of course, one of the newest meanings of "rock and roll” is the music which began in 1950s in the United States that swept the world — even all the way to China which could get people up out of their chairs and moving. Therefore, it also means "let’s get moving — let’s get started!" This kind of music sounds like a celebration.

We hope this meeting will also be a celebration — a celebration of the hard work and the excellent accomplishments of so many dedicated surgical teams from around China and around the world — a celebration to welcome the new surgical teams just starting on their robotic surgery journeys. Beyond limits of human hands!

BISROS, let's Rock and Roll!