Sudhir P. Srivastava, MD

Sudhir P. Srivastava, MD
Chairman and MD,
The International Centre for Robotic Surgery
Chairman, CEO and MD,
Telegnosis Private Limited

Dr. Srivastava founded Alliance Hospital LTD in 2003, a center of excellence in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, in Odessa, Texas and served as its chairman for four years. He pioneered ThoraCAB, a technique for complete revascularization through small thoracotomy. Dr. Srivastava performed the world’s first single vessel beating heart TECAB in the United States. He also proceeded to perform two world’s first double and triple vessel TECAB on a beating heart and is the only person in the world to have performed a quadruple vessel beating heart TECAB. In 2007, Dr. Srivastava moved to Chicago and served as the Director of Robotic Cardiac Surgery and Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Subsequently, he was invited to launch Robotic Revascularization Program at St. Joseph Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia. There he was the founding President of the International College of Robotic Surgery that was created for teaching and training in robotic cardiac surgery utilizing latest technologies.

To date, he has performed approximately 1400 robotic cardiothoracic surgeries, including 675 beating heart TECAB cases that represents the largest experience in the world. Dr. Srivastava has trained over 350 robotic cardiac surgical teams and has traveled the world offering his services and guidance to surgeons and institutions to help establish robotic revascularization programs.